Intersectionality, power and privilege basics

In this course we will work on the following competences:


  1. Willingness to challenge their own and other people’s discriminatory actions and behaviors
  2. Recognition of possibly being in a position of power that affects the young person negatively, particularly due to the young person’s LGBTIQ+ identity
  3. Willingness to take controversial steps when needed, to support the inclusion of LGBTIQ+ young people


  1. Basic understanding of the concept of intersectionality in practice and dynamics of power and privilege
  2. Basic knowledge about discrimination mechanisms and how to address them


  1. Skill to challenge discriminatory language within a group
  2. Skill to recognize and tackle discrimination


  1. Encourages conversation and creates opportunities for positive dialogue in the group
  2. Challenges discriminatory language in a way that does not shame a young person but helps them to learn
  3. Demonstrates zero tolerance for discrimination
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