Competence Framework

Competence Framework

Okay, so we know that everyone’s at a different stage when it comes to understanding and supporting LGBTQI+ youth. And that’s okay! But wouldn’t it be rad if we had a kind of map to guide us towards becoming the most understanding, inclusive youth workers we can be? Enter our Competence Framework!

For me the competence framework, as a learner,  is a map that allows me to look at what it is the path I want to take to get where I want to get. As a Youth Worker, is a compass that allows me to reframe my practice according to what is happening in my reality. As a trainer, is a spyglass that allows me to focus on the areas I want to reach by the end of a project. 

We’ve taken a good, hard look at the current tools out there, like the ETS competence model for youth workers and for trainers, and the Council of Europe’s youth portfolio. These are awesome, but they aren’t fully focused on supporting LGBTIQ+ youth work. So, we’re cook up something new to complement those amazing tools.

Our shiny new competence framework is designed just for youth workers wanting to create a more LGBTIQ+ friendly vibe in their work. It’s all about helping you develop the skills, knowledge, attitudes, and behaviours needed to create super inclusive youth clubs, projects, and activities. But it’s not just about you (though you’re pretty important! 😉). It also includes ways to make your space, policies, and representation more welcoming for LGBTQI+ youth.

But that’s not all. We’re also developing tools to help you use the framework to guide your own personal and professional development. Think self-reflection, critical thinking, and analysis, backed up with a host of resources to support you in developing these competences.


Our competence framework doesn’t want to take over from existing resources. It’s here to add to them, filling in the gaps and addressing specific needs for inclusive practice for Sexual Orientation, Gender Identity and Expression, and Sex Characteristics (SOGIESC). We see it becoming a super useful reference point for capacity building, professional development, and increasing the quality of Youth Work.

And hey, we want to reach as many people as possible. That’s why we’re translating and adapting the framework into multiple languages. We’re also making sure it’s easily accessible on our digital platform and suitable for different educational sectors. So, whether you’re in non-formal education, adult education, higher education or somewhere else, this framework is for you!

This isn’t just our journey – it’s yours too. Join us, learn with us, and let’s create more inclusive, understanding spaces together!

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The Competence Framework


Ready to elevate your skills in LGBTQI+ inclusive youth work? Our meticulously developed Competence Framework is your essential guide. It’s packed with insights, skills, and knowledge designed to enhance your ability to support and celebrate LGBTQI+ youth. This framework is an invaluable tool for both new and experienced youth workers seeking to create more inclusive and supportive environments.


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