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Rainbow Youth 2.0.

Welcome to our project, an initiative dedicated to the promotion of LGBTQI+ inclusion in youth work and education settings. We recognise the urgent need to address and challenge exclusion, discrimination, and misunderstanding faced by LGBTQI+ young people. Through our multifaceted approach, we aim to cultivate an environment where diversity is celebrated, and every individual feels seen, respected, and valued. The Rainbow Youth 2.0 project is a long-term strategic project whose main objective is to promote the inclusion of LGBTQI youth through the creation of understanding and inclusive youth work experiences and spaces

Every person has the right to be seen, to be listened to, to be celebrated as we are. and to feel it.

Asier. RY TOT trainer

Our project is founded on the belief that education and understanding are key in fostering inclusion. We have identified specific gaps in the existing resources and training available to youth workers and educators regarding LGBTIQ+ inclusion, and our project has been designed to bridge these gaps effectively.

We have developed a series of interconnected tools and resources to empower youth workers and educators. From our Competence Framework, which outlines the essential competences needed to support LGBTQI+ young people, to our dynamic eLearning platform, offering accessible, high-quality training modules online, we provide the foundational knowledge and practical skills for inclusive youth work.

Our hands-on manual complements the digital learning experience with practical exercises and up-to-date theory, and our Training of Trainers program equips committed individuals to disseminate this vital knowledge further, creating a powerful ripple effect of awareness and change.

We understand the immense potential of online platforms to reach and impact more people, and our project reflects this understanding. Our Community of Practice within the eLearning platform fosters a supportive space for discussion, collaboration, and continuous learning.


The vision behind our project is not just to address the immediate needs but to create a sustainable impact that extends beyond the project’s lifespan. By raising awareness, equipping educators, and creating a community dedicated to LGBTQI+ inclusion, we aim to contribute significantly to the positive transformation of youth work and education.

Explore our project, get involved, and join us in shaping a more inclusive and respectful future for all young people.

This project, co-funded by the European Commission’s Erasmus+ Programme and coordinated by the Scottish organisation LEAP Sports Scotland, involves four European partners and involves a series of activities over its 2.5-year duration.


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