eLearning Platform

The development of an eLearning platform and a series of online modules to support the development of competences of youth workers and educators on LGBTQI+ inclusive youth work. This will allow anyone with an internet connection and the right equipment to acquire the basic competencies to work for LGBTQI+ inclusion through quality training.

The idea of creating a platform with online learning modules comes from the need to have some quality online materials to be used with those who can not access face to face learning but also be used on blended training, ensuring the acquisition of similar level of knowledge before attending the face-to-face training and therefore, leaving more space for experiential learning and critical thinking.

The modules on the eLearning Platform will be defined in line with the Rainbow Youth Competence Framework that we are developing and bringing together the expertise of all organisations involved in the project. So the modules on the training platform will allow participants to achieve some of the competences of the Competence Framework at a basic level.

Interested in the eLearning Platform and the online modules?

We are currently developing the Platform and the modules and all the other results of the project and they will be ready at different points during the project. Once the eLearning Platform is ready we will publish it in this page and we will promote it in the social media pages of the organisations involved.

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