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eLearning Platform

Our eLearning Platform

Empowering Inclusion from Anywhere

Sometimes, the first step towards change is the hardest. That’s why we’re bringing you our eLearning platform. It’s the perfect start line for anyone looking to champion LGBTQI+ inclusivity in youth work and education.

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Not everyone can access face-to-face training, but we’re not about to let that get in the way. With our eLearning platform, all you need is an internet connection and a bit of tech to start your journey towards LGBTQI+ inclusivity.

Our online learning modules are packed full of quality content designed with you in mind. They’re here to help you level up your skills and understanding at your own pace. Each module is geared towards achieving the competences outlined in our Competence Framework.

But we’re not just dumping info on you. Nope! These modules are interactive, engaging, and designed to promote critical thinking and experiential learning. You’ll find original content, quality resources from other organisations, activities, reflections, and videos. And the best part? You can complete each one in around 8 hours.

Guess what else? This platform isn’t just about learning. It’s also about connecting. We’ve created a Community of Practice where you can share your experiences, ask questions, and propose projects related to LGBTQI+ inclusion. Join the conversation, and let’s learn from each other.

Courses in the eLearning Platform

SOGIESC terminology and key concepts

LGBTIQ+ identities, issues and challenges

Supporting LGBTIQ+ young people

Addressing Hate Speech and Bullying

Intersectionality, power and privilege basics

LGBTIQ+ Rights in Focus: EU legislation and policies for Youth Workers

Ask away

Frequently Asked Questions

Good news! Our courses are completely free of charge. We believe in accessible education for all, so you can enhance your LGBTQI+ inclusive youth work skills without worrying about any financial burden. This project has been co-funded by the European Union through the Erasmus+ programme, so we can offer you the courses developed in the framework of the project free of charge. 

Our courses are designed for youth workers, educators, and anyone passionate about creating inclusive spaces for LGBTQI+ youth. Whether you’re just starting your journey or already have experience, our modules cater to various skill levels and backgrounds.

Not at all! Our courses are designed to meet learners at different starting points. Whether you’re new to LGBTQI+ inclusive youth work or already have some knowledge, our modules offer a range of content to suit your needs. Beginners and experienced professionals alike can benefit from the comprehensive material and interactive learning experiences.

The duration of each course varies depending on the module and your own pace of learning. On average, our courses require approximately 8 hours of engagement, spread over multiple sessions. This allows you to delve into the content, complete activities, participate in forums, and reflect on your learning journey.

Yes, absolutely! We believe in recognizing your commitment and dedication. Once you successfully complete a course, you will receive a digital certificate, acknowledging your achievement and showcasing your newfound skills in LGBTQI+ inclusive youth work.

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