Welcome to the heart of our project u2013 the tools and resources we’ve created to support and inspire LGBTQI+ inclusive youth work. From our comprehensive Competence Framework to our interactive eLearning platform, our practical manual, and the transformative Training of Trainers program, we’ve carefully crafted a suite of resources to empower youth workers and educators. Here, you’ll gain insight into our innovative approach and the wealth of knowledge we’ve compiled. Each element serves as a key component in our quest to foster a more inclusive, respectful, and diverse environment for all young people. Dive in and discover how you can be a part of this important journey towards LGBTQI+ inclusion.


The RY 2.0. Competence Framework

Ever wondered how to become the ultimate LGBTQI+ ally in your youth work? You’re in the right place. Dive into our specially crafted Competence Framework and embark on a journey towards creating more understanding, inclusive spaces. Ready to level up?

Our eLearning Platform: Empowering Inclusion from Anywhere

Ready to kick-start your journey towards LGBTQI+ inclusive youth work? Our eLearning platform is just the place. It’s packed with engaging modules and a vibrant community of practice. Discover, connect, and empower from anywhere.

Young disable female in casualwear and eyeglasses sitting on wheelchair by shelf and reading book while getting home education

Inclusive Youth Work Starts Here: nYour Comprehensive Manual

Unleash Inclusion in Youth Work with our comprehensive manual! Packed with innovative strategies, practical exercises, and insightful theory, this guide aims to revolutionize your approach to LGBTQI+ inclusive youth work. Create accepting spaces, understand intersectionality, and directly impact lives. Ready to embrace diversity?

Training of Trainers: Building Bridges for LGBTQI+ Inclusion

Step into the transformative journey of our Training of Trainers program. This comprehensive training has been shaping champions for LGBTQI+ inclusion in youth and educational environments. Explore how we’ve empowered change agents in their communities, what we’ve achieved, and get to know the inspiring profiles of our participants. Dive into a tale of dedication, growth, and triumph for inclusivity!

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