Supporting LGBTIQ+ young people

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In this course we will work on the following competences:


  1. Readiness to be supportive of any young person about their sexual orientation and gender identity
  2. Being aware of one’s personal limitations and boundaries in youth work
  3. Being aware that community support is necessary for LGBTIQ+ young people
  4. Recognition that young people are the best experts on themselves


  1. Basic knowledge of when and where to seek further support for young people and oneself


  1. Ability to identify people’s needs on the basis of usual communication channels (verbal and non-verbal)
  2. Ability to communicate compassionately, listen actively, and demonstrate empathy


  1. Encourages conversation and creates opportunities for positive dialogue in the group
  2. Supports young LGBTIQ+ participants in improving their dialogue and advocacy skills
  3. Avoids talking on behalf of LGBTIQ+ young people and patronising them when advocating for them
  4. Generates trust, respects boundaries, and maintains confidentiality

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